Illuminaut bridges between Denmark and Asia


Illuminaut is a Danish consultancy specializing in business development in the fields of rehabilitation, interactive training and welfare technology.

Our goal is to help companies from e.g. Japan, Taiwan and the like, to enter the Danish and European market.

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Illuminaut Interactive

How do you utilize the power of gamification and interactive technology? Illuminaut can provide the experience based and research based knowledge that you need to develop and implement these concepts as fast and efficient as possible.

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Welfare technology

The use of welfare technology is increasing rapidly these years. The purpose is often divided in the so-called triple bottom line. Besides saving resources and making people with disabilities and the elderly more self-reliant, it can also be an objective to create new business.

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Innovation Workshop

It is widely debated if some nations are more creative than others are. However, the fact is that all people possesses the ability to be creative – they just need the right setting and the right circumstances.

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"There is no time like the present."


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