Innovation Workshops

release your creativity

It is widely debated if some nations are more creative than others are. However, the fact is that all people possesses the ability to be creative – they just need the right setting and the right circumstances.


One very practical definition of innovation is the creation AND implementation of an idea for a technical solution or an administrative or social change. The important issue being that innovation need to be implemented before it is complete. Just getting ideas is not innovation.


Combined with the fact that innovation is likely to happen much faster in small startup companies rather than in large organizations (by a factor of as much as three), the way we organize the innovative team has a huge impact on the potential.


An equally important factor is the mindset. Based on research in brain function at University of Aalborg a style of exercises has been developed that help put us in the right mindset for innovation. They are designed to reduce the impact of hierarchies and make people feel confident enough to express their ideas and thoughts.  


Finally, also the physical environment and the process guiding the innovative work is of massive importance.


Illuminaut can provide workshops that enable your team to release the creative potential in your staff while also keeping focus on actually achieving goals relevant for


We do this in collaboration with experienced facilitators whom we specifically choose for your needs. We often use mock-up technologies or other types of physical media to express the concepts


You may be:

  • A service based company that need to expand the product portfolio to an ever changing market
  • A technology production company that wish to create new types of products – or update your products to the changing need of your customers
  • A company that wishes to enter a completely new area of business and need to identify how to handle this in the best possible way

We always follow up on the workshops with a report and a tangible representation of your results, and we make sure that the process is anchored in the organization so that the potential will likely be put into action.

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