Illuminaut will hold a presentation about Japan

7 April - 2016

Illuminaut will hold a presentation about Japan – the world’s largest market for welfare technology

Japan is the world’s third largest economy. The country has a demographic trend very similar to the one we have in Denmark although it is far more comprehensive. Already now, 20 % of the population is at the retirement age or older, and with a birth rate of 1.2 it is necessary to reform the current health system. Japan has, at the same time, a long range of companies that are world leaders in technological development but are often missing the knowledge of globalization and/or user-driven innovation. With a privatized care and health system, Japan offers some unique opportunities for Danish products that have the qualities that come from a very modern health system where the patient and the staff is in the center of product development.

Illuminaut invites in cooperation with the Welfare Tech to a meeting in Odense. Here we will present insights and expertise on the Japanese market for health and welfare technology and about the market in general. We will present a number of areas were the potential is extra large for Danish players, and point out the pitfalls and how these can best be avoided. The presentation will be by Jørgen Jakob Friis, owner and CEO of Illuminaut, as well as selected staff of Illuminaut. Illuminaut has extensive experience in Japan through countless business trips and well as through stay in Japan for several years.

Target audience

The event is primarily aimed at Danish producers of welfare technology as well as providers of services to producers of welfare technology. Everyone is welcome.


Start: 03.05.2016 | kl. 13:30
Slut: 03.05.2016 | kl. 16:00


13:30 Registration

13:34 Welcome greeting

13:50 Japan as a market for welfare technology

14:30 Break

14:40 Cases about Japanese welfare technology and about Danish technology in Japan

15:10 Networking via open space in mini format

15:40 Summary of selected project ideas and questions


More information

Do you have any questions about the event, please contact Jørgen Jakob Friis, CEO, Illuminaut, T.+ 45 2392 8855.

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