JRI visits Denmark to research food clusters

13 January - 2016

The Japanese government gave JRI the task of investigating how Denmark and other European countries use food clusters, particularly concerning organization, political support, practical arrangement and inter-company relations in innovative collaborations with focus on developing new products.

Prior to their visit to Denmark JRI contacted Illuminaut to consult on the matter. Illuminaut arranged meetings with e.g. the Institute for Food Studies & Agro industrial Development (IFAU), Danish Food Cluster and food developers/producers, such as e.g. Danish Crown and Skarø Ice Cream that specializes in high protein ice cream for poor eating patients.

During their stay in Denmark, Illuminaut helped JRI with practical tasks such as transportation and interpretation as well as being a mediator between JRI and the Danish companies.

JRI will use the results of these meetings to point to a strategy for the Japanese government, to create food clusters of their own. Thereby the Japanese government wish to strengthen the industry-university cooperation and encourage research and development in order to promote commercialization by private companies, as well as research and development that leverage innovative technologies such as genetic engineering, medical, IT and robotics.

Besides Denmark JRI visited countries like France and Belgium to further research the possibilities in food clusters.

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