Illuminaut Event 2016

Illuminaut Event 2016

Illuminaut is an official partner of the WHINN administration and we are therefore in connection to the official WHINN event in 2016, arranging several event for foreign companies, with specific focus on Asian companies.

We offer preplanned events as well as we can customize our services and events if you have any specific requests, so please contact us to discuss the possibilities on


Below you can see an overview of some of the services and events Illuminaut provides during WHINN 2016.

Basic Package

If you wish to exhibit at WHINN or just participate in some of the different events during the WHINN week, Illuminaut can help with all the practical planning, such as booking of hotel and transport, arrange import and export of products and so on. All this is included in the Illuminaut Basic Package.


This package is required if you wish to use the Illuminaut services “WHINN Exhibition Preparation and Assistance” or “Usability and End User Test”.


If you wish to use our assistance at WHINN, please contact us at for a quotation.



WHINN Exhibition Preparation and Assistance

Exhibit your product or company at the international WHINN exhibition with thousands of visitors.

  • The WHINN exhibition takes place in Odense Congress Center (OCC). Here, approx. 1500 international representatives of health scientists and healthcare will be present.
  • The WHINN exhibition is open to the public.
  • The smallest possible booth is 9m2. Wall, basic light, electricity, adapters, internet, lunch and coffee is included. The booth can be expanded with portions of 9m2.
  • Exhibitors will get their logo on the WHINN homepage and conference app, with a 150-word description.

The WHINN exhibition is part of the official WHINN Program and the contract for participation is signed directly with the WHINN administration. Illuminaut offers assistance with all related tasks, such as transport, guidance in the enrollment process, import of the exhibition products, and act as an intermediary in the communication with the OCC personnel.


Furthermore, it is possible to order a Japanese translator to be present during the exhibition.


For more information on the WHINN exhibition and our services, please contact us at

Usability & End user test

For Asian companies, selling products to the healthcare system or private users, the right approach to the European Market is essential for economic success.


In connection to the WHINN Exhibition, Illuminaut offers the opportunity to conduct a Usability and End User test of your products. For foreign companies, transporting their products to Denmark for the WHINN exhibition, this is a unique opportunity to conduct a product test in the same week as the WHINN Exhibition, and thus making the most out of coming to Denmark.


To get information on the specific demands your product will have to meet, Illuminaut arranges a unique event, where we invite professionals from the healthcare system and from relevant user groups to participate in a usability test within a specific area. Here patients from relevant user groups will test your products and provide feedback, both on the potential of the product and on special needs and demands.

This means that you will get the possibility to exhibit your product at a special exhibition, where we arrange for test persons to try your product and give you videotaped feedback, which subsequently will be available for you, so that you receive material to use in your further product development. Illuminaut will handle all necessary paper work concerning the product test.


The focus will mainly be on:

  • Technology for monitoring of and communication with the elderly and other frail.
  • Technology for training and exercises for the elderly and frail.
  • Technology supporting the daily life and activities of the elderly and frail

Please contact us at with information on your product and we will send you at detailed proposal of a test specifically designed for your product.

Company Study Tour

Illuminaut has a large network and a vast knowledge of the Danish welfare industry and technology, and every year we arrange study tours in Denmark for foreign companies and organizations.


In connection with the WHINN Event, Illuminaut also arranges study tours for interested foreign companies. Illuminaut can help your company get the most of your investment in the WHINN Exhibition by arranging meetings with relevant companies and potential business partners, while you are in Denmark. The arranged meetings will of course depend on the needs of your company.



Illuminaut designs Study Tours in Denmark according to the specific needs of the company, which may include the following:

  • Meetings with private companies
  • Meetings with public organizations
  • Meetings with Universities and other educational organizations
  • Visits to events, museums, presentations etc.
  • Cultural sightseeing

These Illuminaut services are included in the Company Study Tour:

  • Design program
  • Arrange and prepare meetings
  • Prepare logistics
  • Guide during the Study Tour
  • Follow up after the Study Tour

During the Company Study Tour, a guide will accompany you. It is possible to order a translator for the tour at extra charge.


Please contact us at for a non-binding offer.

Danish Innovation networking

Illuminaut arranges a 3-4-hour event on Danish Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Occupational professionals will hold interesting presentations and display examples of projects from Danish Universities and innovative units.


This is a good opportunity to learn more about the Danish platform that drives innovation all the way from University level and up.


For more information, please contact Illuminaut at


IOT and Gamification in Healthcare Technology

Illuminaut arranges a 3-4-hour event on IOT and Gamification in welfare technology. Business and industry professionals will hold interesting presentations and display examples of projects with the use of gamification in welfare technology.


This event will be a mixture of presentations, workshops and displays of different projects.


For more information, please contact Illuminaut at

Danish Healthcare Industry

Illuminaut holds a 3-hour presentation on the Danish health and welfare industry. This will include details on the Danish welfare industry and an overview of the possibilities for foreign companies to use Denmark as an entrance to the European market. Business professionals and public representatives will hold the presentation.


For more information, please contact Illuminaut at



Ideation Dojo

This is a special offer, where Illuminaut will arrange a unique private session. The participants will consist of your company together with specially picked users from potential user groups or professionals from relevant areas. This could be healthcare personnel or people with disabilities.


Together we participate in a workshop, where a facilitator introduces exercises, which can help all the participants to participate actively in the idea generating process. Illuminaut personnel will take notes and possibly videotape all ideas and results that appear. Afterwards you will receive a report incl. all posters, mock-ups and notes.


Depending on the topic, we will use either Lego Mindstorm, Play-Doh, LittleBits, posters or other material to make the mock-ups physically tangible.


The methodology of the process is based on the Creative Platform, developed by Aalborg University and modified to Asian users by Illuminaut. We will also use the divergent and convergent thought processes described in “Design Thinking”.


The price will vary depending on the needs and actual arrangement, so please contact us at for a detailed plan and a non-binding offer.

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