WHINN 2015

WHINN 2015

The first edition of the unique event WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation is successfully completed. The event took place on 19 – 22 October 2015 at Odense Congress Center.


With a two-day exhibition, 18 congresses and events, 30 nationalities and over 2000 registered participants, WHINN 2015 is a success.


The WHINN week was full of inspiration and insight in the newest research within the area of welfare technology. The participant were a mixture of producers, healthcare staff, end users, relatives, project managers, decision makers and other interested people.


The three main conferences were:

  • European Telemedicine Conference

A conference that gathered governmental leaders, clinicians, scientists, university faculties and suppliers of healthcare and health products to at talk about the newest innovation within telemedicine. Read more here.

  • Hospital + Innovation

Based on the Danish hospital constructions, the conference invites the participant to talk about patient involvement and the healthcare systems focus on efficiency. Read more here.

  • New Nordic Welfare

A Danish/Nordic conference with professionals from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian municipalities, who exchanged ideas and experience and discussed future solutions within social welfare. Read more here. Homepage is in Danish.


In addition, events like WHINN – Matchmaking was very popular. Here more than 130 participants from 17 countries could speed date with potential business partners. That way the participants, in a short amount of time, could find interested suppliers or producers and thus form the basis for new cooperations.

Some of the exhibitioners were:

Four Danish Regions: The North Denmark and the Capital Regions of Denmark exhibited pictures and models of their new hospital constructions respectively. The Central Region of Denmark exhibited a new crowdfunding platform that will help the innovative collaboration between companies and healthcare staff. The Region of Southern Denmark exhibited a project at Odense University Hospital that involved patients and relatives in finding new ways to furnish waiting and living areas.


Odense University Hospital: OUH was at WHINN because of their position as a university hospital. They have focus on high quality care for patients, and provide education for all areas of the health system. They work together with the University of Southern Denmark within areas of research, development and education.


Icura: Showed a number of their health technologies. Among others Icura Trainer, which consists of five sensors and a smartphone that enables patients to retrain where and when they want, and at the same time, send training data to the physiotherapist.


Philips: At Philips, whose business in the healthcare sector constitutes 42% of their global sales, they work with developing welfare technology that monitors the health condition of patients, both before, during and after any course of disease, and there by giving the patients the best possible care.


Ideaquest: A Japanese producer of medical equipment and healthcare products. One of their products, Owlsight, can monitor e.g. people with dementia, exclusively with a net of infrared light dots that tell the care staff whether the person with dementia is lying down, sitting or about to fall out of bed.

Ideaquest was in Denmark in cooperation with Denmark in cooperation with Illuminaut, who within the next year will help them establish a company in Odense.


Read more about Owlsight here.


See the full list of exhibitors at WHINN 2015 here.

Illuminaut & WHINN

As a partner to WHINN, Illuminaut has held a number of events during WHINN 2015.


Japanese company at WHINN

In cooperation with Odense Municipality, Illuminaut has made an agreement with a Japanese company, Ideaquest, to assist them during their participation in WHINN 2015 and to help them get their products tested in Denmark and to establish a company in Denmark. The exhibition was a success, and Ideaquest received much feedback on their products and established new business connections they can use when they establish their company in Denmark within the next year.


Click here to learn more about Ideaquest and their products.


Japanese Special Event

Thursday 22 October 2015, Illuminaut held a Special Event in connection with WHINN. The purpose of the event was to show Japanese companies some of the opportunities they have to establish themselves on the Danish and European market.


To talk about these possibilities and how the Japanese-Danish cooperation can be strengthened, Illuminaut had invited the following speakers:

  • Christel Schaldemose, Member of the European Parliament
  • Karsten Uno Petersen, Region of Southern Denmark
  • Allan Nordby Ottesen, Southern Denmark European Office
  • Joost Nijhoff, Development Fyn

The participants came from Jetro, The Japanese Association in Denmark, several Japanese companies and the like.

Presentation for delegation from Taiwan

The presentation for the delegation from Taiwan was, among other things, about the challenges that Asian companies face when they want to sell their products on the Danish market. E.g., the development of prototypes, planning and the attitudes of the healthcare sector, on whether healthcare technology should replace or simply assist the healthcare staff.


Jørgen Jakob, Illuminaut, also spoke about how Illuminaut can help Asian companies to establish themselves on the Danish market and to make contact to relevant Danish or European companies.


Workshop for Australian delegation

Illuminaut and students from the University of Southern Denmark arranged a workshop for the Australian delegation. Here they had to come up with innovative solutions on how to get elderly people to participate in more social activities in order to avoid loneliness.


For more information about the events Illuminaut held at WHINN 2015, please contact us at



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