WHINN 2016

Experience WHINN 2016 with Illuminaut

WHINN 2016 (from 3 to 7 October 2016)

Take part in a unique event with focus on health, welfare technology and innovation.


Odense City and the Region of Southern Denmark together with a range of partners has put together an international event with focus on health and innovation.


The motivation behind the WHINN Event is the growing need for new innovative solutions to solve the challenges in the health related sectors, and the need for new ideas that can be marketed as products by new and existing companies.


At WHINN, you will gain knowledge, inspiration and insight in the newest research and trends. WHINN consists of several conferences, events and initiatives. The result is unexpected encounters and new contacts that could be the start of new business opportunities, new collaborations and new possibilities. WHINN creates meetings between CEOs and end-users and between clinicians and decision makers.


WHINN is placed in Odense, which is known as a frontrunner in health care technology and innovation.


WHINN was held for the first time in 2015 and was a great success. Therefore, Odense City and the Region of Southern Denmark decided to support the fantastic concept of “Week of Health and INNovation” (WHINN) in 2016 and 2017 also.


For more information on WHINN, see the official WHINN homepage:



WHINNs main event is a two-day international exhibition with exhibitors and guests from all over the world and several conferences about health, welfare technology and innovation.


Information on the conferences for WHINN 2016 will continuously be updated as time approaches for the event. To get an idea of what kind of conferences to expect, see information about WHINN 2015 here.


In addition to the exhibition and the conferences, WHINNs partners, including Illuminaut, holds different events during the WHINN week. What events to expect at WHINN 2016 will continuously be updated on WHINNs official homepage as we approaches WHINN 2016.





Illuminaut has a special designed program mainly for Japanese and other Asian companies that gives the companies the possibility to participate in the official WHINN events combined with other events specially designed by Illuminaut.


For information on the events offered by Illuminaut, see Illuminaut Event 2016 (link)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.





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