Welfare Technology

Welfare Technology
Welfare Technology

The use of welfare technology is increasing rapidly these years. The purpose is often divided in the so-called triple bottom line. Besides saving resources, it is also a purpose to make people with disabilities and the elderly more self-reliant and thereby improving their life quality. Finally, it can also be part of the overall objective to create new business in the field.


The most essential focus however, is that the technology can help the care personnel to give better service, but at the same time insure that the care personnel are not strained or injured.


Welfare technology covers numerous products and technological solutions. It ranges from Robot vacuum cleaners, hospital beds and lifting technology over social robots and pace makers to digital solutions such as tele medicine that offers both distributed rehabilitation and care in your own home. Not least through use of the latest knowledge in game design, where Denmark actually is located in the absolute front.


The development of welfare technology is on the fast track, and every year new and innovative products and solutions enter the market. In Denmark, we have a strong tradition for developing and testing welfare technologies in scenarios that looks like the ones the products will meet in real life. This includes end-user tests where the end-user contributes with their conclusions and wishes for the product.


For Asian companies, Illuminaut offers services such as end-user test to uncover potential, and usability test with the purpose of securing the products gap-fit in respect to the area it is to be used in. Finally, we also have experience with conducting clinical testing, to make sure that there is evidence for what the technology claims to do. These are all three useful tests to determine the needs the company products will have to meet to be successful on the European market.


For European companies, Illuminaut offers services such as saleability assessment of products and product ideas, as well as inspiration trips that gives the companies the possibility to get an academically valid idea of how their product will do on the Asian market and can inspire to the development of new products. We also perform market analyses for welfare technological and medicinal products on the Japanese market, and offers to scout for new products to your portfolio.


A good place to start is to use our subscription service, where your company can receive ongoing updates on the areas that are relevant to you, as we represent your interests on our frequent travels to Japan.


Illuminaut has great insight in business development between European and Asian companies within the area of welfare technology, and can guide your company to the best possible approach to developing products and entry to the market.


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