Participate in CareWare 2016


Illuminaut recommends to all our foreign contacts to consider joining the annual careware exhibition and event in Aarhus next week.

It is a small event that only focuses on the highest quality products for health care. The exhibition is by invitation only, and thusly displays products of quality. There is no official webpage in English, but we have obtained a description from the people behind the event:

CareWare focuses on the health and welfare technology solutions that can contribute to increased self-reliance, increased security and safety, physical and cognitive rehabilitation, telemedicine, social interaction, meaningful leisure, etc. for people with different types and degrees of disabilities. CareWare is also about technology solutions that can contribute to a better working environment for the staff to support individuals and families who have tasks related to people in need of support. CareWare is part of Aarhus’ strategy to spearhead the health and welfare technology.

The municipality will be an attractive partner for Danish and international companies and research institutions in the area. CareWare will help to strengthen cooperation between companies, knowledge, research, and educational institutions, and local and regional authorities and institutions throughout the country. 

CareWare borne by the City of Aarhus in cooperation with Business Region Aarhus, Region Midt, “Teknologi I Praksis” and consultancy house, “Sussi Bianco”. CareWare has been held annually since 2010.”

The Danish website, which also includes link to sign up page can be found here.. It is possible to arrange tours held in English if you contact the people behind the exhibition beforehand.

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